The Elliptic Curve Plotter in action

The Elliptic Curve Plotter is a graphical application that illustrates elliptic curves. Elliptic curves are a mathematical concept that is especially important in number theory and constitutes a major area of current research. Elliptic curves find applications in elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) and integer factorization.

Users can sketch elliptic curves and experiment with their group law, and save images in PNG or SVG format for later use.

Runs right in your web browser

Click here to run a restricted version of the Elliptic Curve Plotter in your web browser right now. Note that this online version of the program cannot save images and might feel a little slow. For the best experience, please download and install the native version of the program on your computer.


Download on Flathub Get it from the Snap Store

  • Linux: The app is available for free download at and, but you might also find the app in the software management application on your computer.

  • MacOS X Disk Image Universal Binary for all Apple computers.

  • Windows EXE-File works without complicated installation. Just download and start with a double click.

  • You can find the source code here on GitLab. The program uses the Qt library. You can find a copy of the library source code here.


The Elliptic Curve Plotter has been written by Stefan Kebekus at the University of Freiburg, Germany.


The program is open source and available for free. It is licensed under the GNU Public License v3, or any later version of the GNU Public License. If you use images created with this program in your publication, we would be glad if you could include a reference to this site.